Physiotherapy, Sports Massage & Therapy

Jill Amohia – Sports Massage and Physio at Woodbury Park

Physiotherapy can play a vital part in pain relief, healing, therapy and rehabilitation in many conditions; back and neck pain and stiffness, all sporting injuries, repetitive/overuse injuries, rehabilitation after surgery, arthritic pain, headaches, recovery from broken bones and whiplash. The following treatments and therapies are available:.

  • Soft tissue and sports massage:
    Firm massage techniques, specifically to release areas of muscle or soft tissue tightness, thickening or scarring.
  • Manual Therapy:
    ‘Hands on’ techniques to mobilize joints and to give pain relief.
  • Manipulation:
    Firm techniques to release ‘locked’ joints
  • Muscle Imbalance Correction:
    The prescription of home exercises to re-dress muscle imbalance often as a result of poor posture or injury.
  • Exercise Prescription:
    Use of exercise to aid repair or prevent the occurrence of problems.
  • Pilates:
    A form of exercise for conditioning of your core, specifically prescribed to suit the individuals needs and particularly helpful with back pain.
  • Electrotherapy:
    The use of ultrasound in acute injuries to stimulate healing and give pain relief
  • Ergonomic Advice:
    Help and advice with seating, often in the work station, to avoid unnecessary stress on the body. Particularly important for the back and neck.

Please call on or E: if you would like to discuss your condition first or to make an appointment. A referral from a GP is not necessary.

Member of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy
HPC Registered
Registered with most major insurance companies.
BUPA recognised practitioner.

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