Beginning, During and After Pregnancy

In these phases it is important to concentrate on nourishing the skin to ensure it remains soft, supple and elastic and to avoid stretch marks. Due to the stretching of the skin, it can also feel very itchy and tight, and therefore best to deeply nourish it to offer a sense of relief and comfort.

We also need to take care of the skin of the face – Sebum reduces, collagen production is inhibited, and perspiration increases, creating greater skin fragility and dehydration.

The legs are also under a lot of strain due to the comprised circulation and are subject to fluid retention and especially swelling of the ankles.

Muscular aches and pains are frequent due to the changes in the body’s structure so a relaxing massage can provide welcome relief.

Pregnancy and New Mum To Be Spa Packages

Mum To Be: New Life Maternity Massage. Treatment during pregnancy (60 mins) 

Prepare your mind and body for this very special time. With its gentle and delicate ingredients this treatment has a calming effect and relieves joint tension by reducing swelling and heaviness.

This treatment is safe for those who are 12 weeks pregnant or more to maintain the skin tone and elasticity whilst deeply relaxing muscles and the lower back.

Mum To Be: New Mum – Post pregnancy treatment (60mins)

Restores the body shape and firms the skins tissues following pregnancy. A synergy of products that help regain tone, firmness and elasticity.

Bloom and Blossom (240 mins)

Comfort Zone New Life Maternity Massage plus a luxury Jessica manicure and pedicure

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