Electric Vehicle Charging

As an additional facility for hotel guests, our members and visitors to Woodbury Park, we’ve installed two electric car charging points.

There’s a 13A BS1363 socket and a 32A Mennekes Type 2 socket, meaning that most electric vehicles can be charged here. The sockets are located just to the right of the leisure centre and Spa entrance.

Two parking spaces are provided and are suitably marked for EV charging. They are free to use but we ask that the following guidelines are observed:

  • Please park in the marked bays when charging.
  • As soon as you’ve finished charging, please move your car.
  • Overnight charging (9pm to 8am) is reserved for hotel guests, please book with hotel reception.
  • Daytime charging (8:00am to 9pm) is offered on ‘first come, first served’ basis.

These are early days for our electric vehicle charging points and we welcome your comments and feedback. The project is part of our commitment to the environment, and if successful we’ll be looking to expand our facilities in the future.