Fitball Classes

Fitball is a fantastic and exciting way to ensure that each muscle in your body gets a proper workout. Our fit ball classes here at Woodbury Park will help to develop your balance, improve and harden your abdomen and back.

What is Fit Ball?

To put it simply, Fit Ball is a ball based form of exercise class which helps to develop your muscles, strengthen and enhance the core muscles in your body from your waist down. The Fit Ball gives your body a solid workout and work towards developing a better core, enhance posture and overall better body balance.

Benefits of Fit Ball Classes

Other than the benefits suggested above attending fit ball classes at Woodbury Park, there are a number of advantages in doing this workout:

Activation of the nervous system

Another benefit of doing a fitball class is that it helps to increase the level of nervous system activation. This is the case as in the playing environment where you will have more reserve function. Furthermore, good results can’t be seen through just the use of standard gym machines. Through training with fit balls you are able to enhance your ability to adapt to a regular changing base of support.

Helps with rehabilitation from back/spinal injuries

Taking fit ball classes can also be beneficial for those that have just had spinal surgery or have regular back issues.  The reason behind is the fact that the fit ball is unstable so sitting, balancing or working out on it can help to active motor recruitment patterns which helps your back/spine.

Perfect for pregnant women

Ensuring that you get regular exercise is great for pregnant women as it can help to maintain the health of the mother and the baby. Furthermore, fit ball classes can allow pregnant women to do specific exercises which are almost unreachable due in part to their movement restrictions. Doing regular fit ball classes will help to enhance the core, back and balance and reduce the level of pain commonly experienced throughout pregnancy.

Improving your flexibility

Ensuring that you correctly use a fit ball during a class workout can help to develop your flexibility. Moreover, using a fit ball during fit ball classes can help to warm up and stretch your muscles if you are doing a workout straight after the class. It can also help to decrease the chances of getting injuries and can also help to ensure that both muscles and joints are functioning on a regular basis.


For more information on how to book your Fit Ball class please call us on: 01395 232998 or email our leisure team.