Line Dancing Classes

Line dancing that takes place at Woodbury Park is amazing fun, but also it is a great way of keeping in shape. Not only this, but they are suitable for all ages & perfect for first-timers looking to give their bodies a good workout and to build up their stamina and fitness levels.

In terms of the actual line dancing classes themselves, we will help you through learning the easy steps so that you can make the most of line dancing each week and most of all have a good time. We dance to a variety of different music genres to keep it fresh; from Rock to Cheesy Pop, we have it all.

What is line dancing?

To put it in the easiest possible way, a line dance is usually a dance which makes use of a number of different routine steps carried out at the same time & in sync by a group of people consisting of a mixture of both men & women facing each other.

Who can take part?

The best feature of line dancing is the fact that almost anyone can take part in the classes that we run as it’s relatively simple to learn and extremely fun. When you come for your first class you will start as a beginner but as you come more often you will be able to improve your skills and progress quicker. If you happen to be a more experienced line dancer you will be able to help other beginners to pick up the basics.

What should you bring?

When attending these classes you will need to ensure that you are wearing some comfortable clothing; so any gym attire will be suitable and footwear which is designed to be used when doing exercise sessions or fitness workouts.


For more information on how to book your line dancing class please call us on: 01395 232998 or email our leisure team.