Spinning Class

Keep those wheels turning in one of our many spinning classes that take place all during the week at Woodbury Park.

Our highly fun and exercise fuelled indoor cycling class involves spending a little time on your bike with an highly motivated group, ready to power your way through a specifically chosen tune! The sessions are split out into several intervals at full speed with the opportunity to catch your breath in between, working that heart and burning those calories!

What is Spinning?

Put simply, spinning classes are a different form of indoor cycling. Only those qualified instructors are allowed to take spinning classes however, there are a number of different variations of group cycling. Essentially, spinning focuses on cardio workouts to different music tracks and lead by one of the instructors here at Woodbury Park. Our classes usually consist of 45 minutes of hard work out with plenty of intervals to recover.

Benefits of spinning

There are a number of different benefits when it comes to spinning classes:

Burning Calories

Spinning classes can help to burn an average of 500 calories. This is one of the best cardio workouts in terms of calorie burning in such a short space of time.

Improving Cardiovascular Health

One of the easiest benefits of a spinning class is that it improves your heart health as well as lung capacity. Furthermore, throughout the sessions you will also pick up great ways of controlling your breathing. This can assist you with anxiety problems and help you to control your heart rate in times of breathing difficulties.

Developing in Your Own Time

The great thing about spinning classes are that you are able to improve your technique in your own time as even if you pedal slower than your peers you don’t get behind in the class. Furthermore, each member in the class doesn’t know everyone else’s levels which are great for developing confidence as you can work at improving your own level.

Build Up Your Leg Muscles

It has to be said that spinning classes use significant amount of muscles in your legs. Therefore, it doesn’t take long for you to show off the increased strength of your leg muscles. If you do 3 spinning classes at Woodbury Park a week you will see a much improved appearance of your legs.


For more information on how to book your spinning class please call us on: 01395 232998 or email our leisure team.