Yoga Classes

If you are looking to increase your energy and calm your mind then why not take part in the Yoga classes that are being run at Woodbury Park. These yoga classes will guide you through a number of different stretches, postures and poses focusing on a different set each week. We will also teach you how to control your breathing to help free your mind, improve and build upon your mobility and flexibility. Furthermore, the yoga classes at Woodbury Park will help to build up muscle tone and increase your stamina.

What is Yoga?

To put it in it’s simplest form, Yoga derives from a Hindu spiritual and ascetic discipline which includes a number of different elements such as breath control, meditation and the creation and utilising of specific bodily positions. Yoga is widely used by many people for health and relaxation purposes.

To go into a bit more detail about Yoga, the classes will focus on increasing your strength training and flexibility which will help to improve your body. Furthermore, the different positions that you will be adopting are designed to help strengthen core elements of your body from your inside-out, so you won’t just look good physically but you will also feel good in your mind too.

In addition to the above, a key focus of the yoga classes will be utilising a number of deep breathing and meditation practices that will help to relieve you of a number of different stresses in your personal and working life. As well as this, the yoga class will help to unclutter the mind and increase your concentration levels & focus.

What are the benefits of yoga?

In terms of the actual health benefits of yoga, the majority of scientific studies come to the conclusion that yoga is a safe & great way to increase the amount of exercise you do especially good for building up your strength, flexibility and improving your overall balance. Furthermore, other health benefits of doing regular yoga can help people to reduce their blood pressure, heart disease, any aches and pains they may have – including lower back pain – depression and stress.


For more information on how to book your Yoga class please call us on: 01395 232998 or email