Zumba Classes

Come along and the join the party in a Zumba class at Woodbury Park. This increasingly popular dance-based exercise & fitness class is guaranteed to get your body working to the maximum and help burn off those calories.

What is Zumba?

Zumba is a combination of a dance moves taken from a variety of different genres such as flamenco and hip-hop. This helps to form routines in the Zumba class which vary between high & low intense workouts which are designed to really get that blood pumping around your body.  The Zumba classes at Woodbury Park will provide you with the ultimate full body workout which bring together all the different elements of exercise & fitness such as cardio, muscle conditioning as well as helping to boost your energy. After your Zumba class,  you will on a high and realise just how much fun exercise can be!

I’m not really into dancing…

Even if you don’t move as well as some global superstars such as Shakira or Rihanna, it doesn’t mean you have to be a great mover on the dancefloor to sign up for a Zumba class here at Woodbury Park. Even though the main focus of Zumba is the dance and choreography element, it isn’t the only elements that are worked on as it’s largely fitness related. Zumba is a perfect workout for those looking to bust a move or two, have fun and use it to keep up with an active lifestyle. You will love the classes that we run providing you are enthusiastic and willing to put the hard graft in!

Is Zumba really for me?

Now that we have worked out that you may not be the best dancer in the world but why not give this new workout sensation a go? Zumba is a great workout for all types of people. For the younger audience, you can get into amazing shape if you are about to go on holiday and for the older audience it’s a great way of keeping active.


For more information on how to book your Zumba class please call us on: 01395 232998 or email woodburypark.gym@theclubcompany.com