Gym facilities & membership

Whether you are training for a specific event, or just wanting to keep fit, our gym facilities offer a wide range of cardiovascular machines, fixed resistance machines, free weights, power plates and a wide range of additional equipment.

Our fixed strength equipment focuses on specific muscle groups and provides an easy initiation into strength training. It’s perfect for building isolated muscle strength or size in a safe way as the machine guides your movement; and as muscle burns calories efficiently, it is a key part of your workout. As part of your leisure membership you will receive your own personalised exercise programme, health screening and an additional 8-weekly programme reviews if required.

What are the benefits of getting a gym/leisure membership at Woodbury Park?

There are numerous benefits of joining our gym here at Woodbury Park:

  • Joining our gym may be the motivation that you need to start building up your fitness level.
  • A gym provides you with a variety of different workouts that aim to help you improve a number of core elements including your posture, flexibility, strength and power as well as helping you to relax your body.
  • Our gym can provide a suitable environment for you to do a hard, physical workout in.
  • With your gym/leisure membership, you will be able to attend a number of leisure related classes such as Fit Ball, TRX, SpinningYoga, Pilates, Zumba,  Line DancingCircuit Training and many more  for FREE.
  • Given that our gym is indoors you won’t need to worry about the weather outside.
  • Our gym is fully equipped with a number of modern exercise machines that will allow you to measure your heart rate throughout your workout.
  • Our personal trainers will be around the gym facilities on hand to give you advice and guidance on getting the best out of your workouts and increasing your fitness levels.
  • Working out in our gym can help improve your overall mental and physiological health.

Personal Training

Why not book a free consultation with one of our Personal Trainers. Whatever your fitness goal – weight loss, strength gain, athletic performance, stress relief, or if you just need to get your training back on track and stay motivated – then our Personal Trainer will work with you to achieve your goals and get results.

If all of the above has convinced that you want to join our gym please get in contact with our leisure team by phone on 01395 232998 or by email.