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6 of the best zumba workout tips

Zumba Classes

As we all know, Zumba is rapidly increasing in popularity in the UK with zumba classes operating in a number of different places including Woodbury Park. This is why, we felt it was important to provide 6 of the best zumba workout tips to help you in your class.

  1. Let Loose

In order to make the most of your Zumba class it is important to make sure that you are not stiff or self-conscious. Zumba is meant to be fun and the whole point of the class is to burn calories so have fun and really go for it.

  1. Stretch

This tip goes without saying but it is best to state the obvious. No matter where you are coming from to get to a class, you need to make sure that you stretch properly before you start. Given you will be using every inch of your body during a Zumba class not only will you quickly burn those calories but you will also reduce the risk of injuring yourself during the class.

  1. Hydrate yourself with plenty of water

It is hard to believe that quite a high percentage of people take Zumba classes and do not drink any water whatsoever during the workout. As you are working out, the body is losing vast amounts of water which need to be replaced via regular hydration. Failure to drink water during a session will result in your body slowing down, muscles not working to full capacity and you will feel quite tired and run down. Drinking water will provide you with an extra spring in your step and help work off those calories.

  1. Have the correct footwear

With Zumba requiring a great deal of movement (backwards, forwards & side-to-side) you need to make sure you have suitable footwear. Dance shoes and cross trainers are perfect but don’t wear running or walking shoes as these aren’t right for Zumba.

  1. Move your arms throughout the class

During the Zumba workout, be sure to really stretch out those arms as much as possible. This will help to increase the amount of calories you burn throughout the workout. Furthermore, you will start to feel the benefits of really working those arms during classes.

  1. Dont take shortcuts during the class

To make the most of each Zumba class you attend, don’t try and get through the class by cheating or avoiding certain moves. Ensure that you follow every instruction the instructor gives you, if he goes up and down so do you! Pushing yourself to the limits is a great way of building up your mental strength.

Woodbury Park offers a number of zumba classes throughout the summer months and into the winter ones. For more information on how to sign up please visit: http://www.woodburypark.co.uk/leisure/classes/zumba/