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Top 5 wedding trends in 2015

A happy wedding at Woodbury Park

Planning any wedding can be a challenge for many couples and partners with 2015 already looking like a completely different year for wedding trends. If you are looking for a theme to your wedding then these 5 top wedding trends 2015 should help you and your partner to make that dream a reality.

Coloured Wedding Cakes

So far this year, many people have decided to ditch the naked cakes collection in favour of more traditional fondant cakes. Furthermore, these aren’t just your regular white cakes associated with many weddings, but a fabulous array of different colours and creations. They are certainly the type of cakes that most people would be crave, so make sure you keep a look out for these fantastic designs in the coming months.

Sequins and Sparkle

These continue to be a popular trend with many weddings, however, like many other things, less is often more. Make sure that you use this trend in a subtle way as it quite easy to get carried away when planning for a wedding. Go for something along the lines of pairing rose gold with pink and white to keep things simple. Using sequinned tablecloths and runners sounds like a good idea but just make sure you don’t go over the top. A stylish tablecloth specifically designed for your cake table can look truly wonderful and will go particularly well with a larger cake.

Cascading Bouquets

If you are looking for a subtle bouquet for your wedding then this trend is not it; the cascading bouquet is a huge arrangement of flowers! However, if you are an avid flower lover and are looking to stand out from other weddings, then this is certainly right up your street.

Glamour and Luxe

Recently, there has been a resurgence in glamourous weddings, with this likely to grow throughout the rest of 2015. Look to classy elegant brides and well dressed, smart grooms in their tuxedos in addition to a superb decor. There are plenty of places where you can find some inspiration for this trend with many celebrities using it already.

Wedding Hashtags

When it comes to social media, it is literally everywhere these days and weddings are no exception. Through the use of a wedding themed hashtag you can create a great way for your guests to upload their wedding photos in one place. This is one place where a hashtag really does comes in handy. Simply put together a personalised hashtag on a sign and watch as all the Twitter, Facebook and Instagram posts of your big day flood in.

If you want to put the latest wedding trends into practice and are looking for the perfect wedding venue in Devon then look no further than Woodbury Park.