Woodbury Park

Why get fitted for a driver?


As a Golf Coach there is very rarely a day that goes by when I don’t meet someone who is using the wrong equipment, usually because they have bought clubs straight off the shelf! It never ceases to amaze me that people will purchase a club without being fitted! You wouldn’t purchase a suit or a dress for £200 without trying it first! So why should a driver be any different!

Let me first deal with the spin on a golf ball. Understand, the more a ball spins the slower it will travel through the air!

Therefore, when I am fitting someone for a driver I am trying to optimise the launch of the golf ball and the spin rate to gain maximum distance! I am doing this through the loft on the club and very importantly ensuring that the shaft is correct. The shaft has a massive impact on performance, the weight of the shaft will not only effect the launch of the ball but the spin rate! My Trackman provides me with all the necessary data in order to maximise the clubs performance.

Only this week two ladies have increased the distance they carry the ball with their driver by an incredible 23 and 44 yards simply by some simple alterations to their set up and using the correct driver!

To book your fitting for a driver please call our Golf Pro Shop on 01395 233500.