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Would you like to do Pilates exercises that could benefit every aspect of your life?


Pilate Class

Our very own Pilates class instructor, Gemma gives you the rundown on why Pilates class exercises can have long term benefits for your body and mind. Gemma has been teaching Pilates for over 8 years and has been a personal trainer for 12 years.

What is Pilates?

Pilates is a great method of exercise for people looking to develop and improve their core strength, the body’s ‘power house’, which includes pelvic floor muscles.

What benefits does Pilates provide you?

This is excellent for anyone wanting to add to their current exercise or lifestyle, as well as helping those with sports performance or rehabilitation.

The appearance of the tummy area can be improved through correct posture and body alignment; this can also help you to reduce pain and back problems.

Through using a range of low impact exercises and release stretches, the body can lengthen and strengthen increasing mobility and flexibility.

Pilates provides an opportunity for ‘you time’.

Through correct breathing and time to ‘tune’ into your body, a great body awareness and connection can be formed, this can also help to reduce stress.

What can you expect from a Pilates class at Woodbury Park?

I teach 3 Pilates classes a week at Woodbury Park and the classes are suitable for all ages and levels of exercise experience.

I break each exercise down into levels and encourage people to work at the level that allows them to work safely and feel the comfortable.

It is a ‘teaching’ class, meaning I walk around and make sure everyone is performing the exercise correctly and safely.
The exercises are a mixture of strength and mobility. Stretches are performed during and at the end of the session but I like to end the class with 5 minutes relaxation time.

I do a monthly routine and we use a variety of equipment including small balls, bands, blocks and fit balls. The use of equipment is optional and is provided by Woodbury Park, however if you would like to bring your own mat you’re welcome too.

Please inform me at the start of the class, if you have any injuries or conditions. Also, if you are more than 12 weeks pregnant, a Pilates class for pregnant ladies would be more suitable for you.

What to do now?

Book and come along to your first Pilates class at Woodbury Park or for more information please visit: http://www.woodburypark.co.uk/leisure/classes/pilates/ or contact our Leisure Reception on 01395 232998