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We can confirm that from September to December we had a huge 23 inches of rain fall on the course, which are some of the highest figures ever recorded at Woodbury. Hopefully, 2020 will be slightly drier!

Despite the weather, green staff have been busy carrying out clearance work on the 8th hole. All work undertaken is to improve light and air flow around these areas and the removal of various trees, mainly goat willow, which is a self seeding invasive species and the removal allows other trees, for example, Oaks and Silver birch to thrive. Any gorse will regrow and be managed rather than hedge cut into bushes.


1st Assistant Lewis Arscott has been promoted to  Head Greenkeeper on the Acorns. The promotion shows that Woodbury Park are keen to encourage and reward young, hard working green keeping talent.

Congratualtions Lewis!

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