Woodbury Park

One of the best places to stay in Exeter

Welcome to Woodbury Park in Devon, a beautifully situated luxury hotel, leisure complex and golf club in a breathtaking location. Close to Exeter, here’s a hotel with service and standards to make your holiday and stay luxurious and your golf breaks more relaxed.

Looking for a place to stay in Exeter? Woodbury Park is where a world-class hotel and extensive leisure facilities blend with seamless service and the warmth and hospitality that Devon and the West Country is renowned for.

"Woodbury Park is the ideal choice for that unique escape to the country with a touch of city finesse."

Joe Hammond, General Manager


Work at Woodbury

We have plenty of vacancies at present, and we're looking for enthusiastic staff who'd like to be part of a growing business. Please visit our jobs page for further details.

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